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Greedy Media has changed its name to Thumbnail Productions. But don’t worry, that’s all that’s changed. We still remain a fantastic, boutique film studio made up from talented TV producers and directors who love making fresh, exciting and tantalisingly wonderful video content.

If you’re a start-up or a well-known brand, our films and animations will communicate with your audience both on a creative and professional level.
From social media campaigns to TV commercials, corporate filming and brand films we can turn your briefs into truly fantastic films.
But talk is cheap right? So let our films demonstrate what we get up to. Take a look below at our case studies and if you like what you see, we’d love to hear from you!

If you have a project you would like to talk to us about please call us on 020 3289 2180 or email [email protected]


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Content Strategy

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Case studies

Microsoft office 365

We created a series of animations for Curry’s PC World to help explain how easy Microsoft’s Office 365 Home edition was to use. The brief was to tell the story through family members who would benefit from the software package.


Lenovo Yoga 2

Lenovo released the new Yoga 2 and wanted to push the message via social and digital channels. The brief was to create something exciting to show off the laptop/tablet’s capabilities to a younger audience across Lenovo and Curry’s PC World’s customer sites and across social media including a Facebook campaign.


John Lewis Insurance

New site, new app, same service. John Lewis Finance has rebranded to John Lewis Insurance and they asked us to help with an animated film detailing the name change and the card benefits.

The Superstar

Produced by Greedy Media for Estee Lauder
We partnered with cosmetics company Clinique and beauty expert Gia Mills to produce a series of  9 films for Instagram and Facebook to support the new face products launched last month. The How To films were shot on the Sony FS7 in 4K so we could manipulate the image in post and zoom in from full face to eye area.

Our beauty expert Gia Mills developed the scripts and storyboards with Clinique and DoP Vanessa Whyte worked on the lighting set-ups with the team to get the look they were after.


Burt’s Chips

We teamed up once again with agency Storm to create some cool recipe films, this time for Burt’s Chips. We shot 4 films in one day with the aid of a food stylist and a great kitchen location in the east of London. Needless to say we very much enjoyed munching through the crisp “rejects” on the day!


John lewis- Smart Home

We teamed up with Proximity London to film the new Smart Home capsule at John lewis flagship store in Oxford Street. The film was produced to inspire customers with information on smart products such as lighting, heating and audio that are controllable from an App and can be more in sync with your life rather than just an on or off switch as most people currently have.



Let’s try something new….

Picking the right name is an extremely important asset of any brand and we’ve had a pretty good run with Greedy Media but now its time for a change. Greedy Media will now be known as Thumbnail Productions. The new name still reflects our values of fresh, exciting film and animation, just with a different […]

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05 JAN 2017 Thumbnail Productions

6 Things the beauty industry teaches us about video marketing

Here’s a great article that ties in nicely with some films we’ve been working on with Clinique. They launched a new range of products under the banner of ‘What’s your line?’ and wanted some How To films to support the campaign on Instagram which you can see in our case studies section. To read the […]

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13 AUG 2015 Thumbnail Productions

Millennials love video

This is a great infographic on Millennials and their viewing habits with online video. We have just finished working with a major cosmetic and beauty brand filming a series of videos for this audience on Instagram. Our research for this particular social media platform validates the last fact in this infographic –  tone down promotion […]

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14 JUL 2015 Thumbnail Productions