Day to Night

Produced by Greedy Media for Estee Lauder
We partnered with cosmetics company Clinique and beauty expert Gia Mills to produce a series of  9 films for Instagram and Facebook to support the new face products launched last month. The How To films were shot on the Sony FS7 in 4K so we could manipulate the image in post and zoom in from full face to eye area.

Our beauty expert Gia Mills developed the scripts and storyboards with Clinique and DoP Vanessa Whyte worked on the lighting set-ups with the team to get the look they were after.

The films gained over 350,0000 unpaid views and over-achieved sales targets.  You can see a short behind the scenes film on our Vimeo channel.

Greedy Media specialises in producing beauty tutorial videos having created films for Estee lauder, Clinique, John Lewis & Max Factor.